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Jasmine Johnson, Viola

Director of Orchestra



Northwestern State University 


Certified K-12 Instrumental Music 



-Northwestern State Symphony Orchestra under the Direction of Dr. Bakenhus 

-Small Ensemble Performer 

-Private Lessons Teacher

-Calvary Orchestra (volunteer) 

-Honor orchestra judge 




I graduated from NSU with a degree in Music Education K-12 and studied viola with Dr. Kurti! During my summers off I worked at First United Methodist Preschool working with amazing kiddos,parents and staff!! I am excited to work with my Bolton family everyday! I am ready to help students find a deep love and passion for music like I do! One way I plan to do that is by exposing them to different types of music styles, periods and genres!  Another way to grow that love and passion is for students to be involved in the community (locally and statewide) and to collaborate with other talents in the Conservatory. It is a great experience to be able to meet others and learn from each other! I also believe that one of the best ways to have a great learning experience is to have a positive relationship with students! I enjoying being able to come to school everyday and help the students grow as musicians! 


I have performed many works by many composers thanks to my professors and teachers and music experience SOME of those composer include Bach, Vieuxtemps, Clarke, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky etc.   

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